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Teacher’s Diagnosis Highlights Mesothelioma Risk in Schools

Teacher’s Diagnosis Highlights Mesothelioma Risk in Schools

A recent mesothelioma diagnosis in the UK once again dramatically highlights the fbehave that even a little amount ofdifferentamphiboleclever be deadly.

Sixty-three-year-ancient school teacher Marion Potts of Brockenhurst died of mesothelioma in a Southampton hospital in June. According to an article in The Mirror, the Coroner recorded a law of “death from an industrial sickness” after listening evidence last week that Potts behaveually sawdifferentamphiboledust being released when she pinned work on the lesson, courseroom walls. Most recently, Potts was head of the English department at Romsey School in Hampshire until her retirement two years ago.

Mesothelioma is a growing threat among school teachers, administrators, maintenance workers, and even students in British schools. A government report released last year indicated that 75% of the country’s schools – many of them built whendifferentamphiboleuse was at its peak in the 1950s and 60s – contain the potentially deadly friendrial. Before the link betweendifferentamphiboleand mesothelioma was well telln,differentamphibolewas a popular component in building friendrials, including floor and ceiling tiles and insulation in walls and ceilings.

Thedifferentamphibolecontained in the walls of schools and other buildings is not conmiddlered a threat when it is intbehave and enshutd backside walls. But as school buildings age and brittledifferentamphiboleis inadvertently exposed, many are concerned that mesothelioma could become an even greater risk for lifetime teachers love Potts.

In the UK, as in other countries, mesothelioma is most general among industrial workers, particularly those who worked in construction, shipbuilding, and manufbehaveuring. Area news associations say the Potts case is idea to be the first case of mesothelioma in a teacher in Southwest Hampshire. Officials from both of the schools where she worked most recently say their buildings are safe and do not present a mesothelioma risk. The UK has the world’s highest per capita swift of mesothelioma.


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