Asbestos And Government Coverups

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Asbestos And Government Coverups

The fitness risks associated with asbestos exposure had been recognised for the reason that turn of the 20 th Century. Dr H. Montague Murray of London, observed asbestos fibers in a deceased 33 yr-old asbestos employee in 1900. In 1917, Dr. Henry K. Pancoast of the University of Pennsylvania scientific school, observed lung scarring in 5 asbestos-factory people.

Only twelve months later, an insurance statistician mentioned that due to the assumed health risks, insurers normally denied coverage to asbestos...

The fitness dangers associated with asbestos exposure have been acknowledged since the flip of the 20th Century. Dr H. Montague Murray of London, determined asbestos fibers in a deceased 33 yr-antique asbestos worker in 1900. In 1917, Dr. Henry K. Pancoast of the University of Pennsylvania clinical school, discovered lung scarring in 5 asbestos-factory people.

Only three hundred and sixty five days later, an coverage statistician said that because of the assumed health dangers, insurers normally denied insurance to asbestos people. By the 1930's, the asbestos manufacturers and their coverage agencies knew that the asbestos would kill. In 1934, Aetna insurance enterprise posted a textbook in which they devoted a complete bankruptcy to asbestos, pronouncing that asbestosis turned into ‘incurable and normally outcomes in general everlasting incapacity accompanied by means of death.” (Bowker, pg.18)So now armed with this expertise, by the point World War II began, the risks of asbestos had been diagnosed and the industry was beginning to slide into decline.

The battle modified all that. The asbestos industry exploded with the large manufacturing to area asbestos in ships. All earlier safety know-how changed into promptly forgotten and the asbestos enterprise boomed again.

There is an ‘embarrassing' range of documents that surfaced all through the various court instances over the years. These show the asbestos organizations were nicely privy to the risks of asbestos and willfully withheld this facts from their employees. Scans of the subsequent files are to be had to be study on the Asbestos-Think Again internet site.

Excerpts of those documents show:

In a 1949 record, Exxon admitted that asbestos causes lung cancer, silicosis, fibrosis, and erythema.

In a 1958 National Gypsum Memo - We realize that you will by no means lose sight of the fact that possibly the greatest hazard for your plant is with guys handling asbestos. Because simply as positive as death and taxes is the fact that in case you inhale asbestos dust you get asbestosis.” A 1969 Travelers Insurance Co. Memo states: confidentially Johns-Manville has been contaminating the ‘hell' out of both the air and the water for quite some time.

”In 1975, an coverage industry memo summarized non-place of job exposure. Forty percentage of homemakers and 50% of blue-collar employees had identifiable asbestos fibers of their lungs at loss of life. The author states, It is now found (that) the general public in trendy has been exposed to asbestos products to a much extra diploma than previously recognized.”

There changed into no perceptible alternate inside the outlook of businesses until the landmark asbestos lawsuit filed in 1969, Borel vs Fibreboard Products Corporation, which changed into determined in choose of the plaintiff. It turned into the primary time the u s.

Identified a business enterprise's obligation to warn their personnel approximately the dangers of asbestos. There were more than 16 ,000 asbestos/mesothelioma cases filed in the next 10 years.

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